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The cliff swallows have returned to Madroño Ranch. They’ve expanded their housing development under the western eave of the Main House to several eastern eaves, one of which we can see from inside the house. We watched them build their … Continue reading

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Microbiomes and individual identity: Alexander Pope and the archbishop of Canterbury

I learned a startling fact the other day while listening to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross interviewing Dr. Nathan Wolfe, author of The Viral Storm, a disconcerting account of his research into pandemics like avian flu and AIDS that leap from … Continue reading

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Being still

We have spared no expense in securing the services of an ace guest blogger this week while we recuperate from our thirtieth college reunion in Massachusetts. Below, Thea Kohout offers some reflections on the importance, and scarcity, of stillness. I … Continue reading

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The power of poetry: peace, demons, sonnets, and resurrection

Something that might seem fragile—a group of words arranged on a page—turns out to be indestructible. (Ed Hirsch) Sometimes—maybe even often—I wonder why in heaven’s name it ever seemed like a good idea to open a residency for environmental writers … Continue reading

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