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The first annual Madroño Ranch residents’ reunion

Two Saturdays ago some twenty former residents and members of our Advisory Board gathered at our house in Austin for what we hope will be the first of many annual “Resident Reunions.” We envisioned this gathering as a chance for … Continue reading

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Poetry and the pelvic bowl

Some say you’re lucky If nothing shatters it. But then you wouldn’t Understand poems or songs, You’d never know Beauty comes from loss. It’s deep inside every person: A tear tinier Than a pearl or thorn. It’s one of the … Continue reading

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Spring creed

In the endless heat of late summer, sometimes it’s hard to remember that Texas can be a cool and beautiful place—but it can, as we hope this poem will remind you. The lake’s complacent waters bloom before the glamorous, unhurried … Continue reading

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The power of poetry: peace, demons, sonnets, and resurrection

Something that might seem fragile—a group of words arranged on a page—turns out to be indestructible. (Ed Hirsch) Sometimes—maybe even often—I wonder why in heaven’s name it ever seemed like a good idea to open a residency for environmental writers … Continue reading

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